Relocation Information

Planning on relocating? Relocating to North Dakota is a great option! Pembina County invites you to make your new home here, with us. With a stable economic base, a variety of jobs, excellent schools, easily-accessible health care, and beautiful surroundings, Pembina County is a well-kept secret in northeastern North Dakota! Whether you’re nearing retirement age and looking for a new place to settle down, or you’re a young family looking for a safe place to raise your children, Pembina County is the place.

Although residents enjoy the sense of community and security that comes with rural living, we also enjoy the convenience of easy accessibility to larger areas: Grand Forks, North Dakota and Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada offer all the services that cannot be found locally. This means that international airports, large shopping centers, and a multitude of specialized services are most likely within a 90-minute drive. Select one of the links to the left to access the many services available to assist with the relocating process.  To learn more about life in Pembina County, please check out our Quality of Life section.