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Residential, Commercial & Agricultural Reappraisals

The Pembina County Commission has approved Vanguard Appraisals, Inc. for a county wide reappraisal. The project will begin in 2023 and should be completed by 2028 assessing and available online for public review. 

The purpose of the reappraisal project is to equalize property assessments so that each taxpayer is responsible for only paying their fair share of the property tax burden.  Periodic inspections and reappraisal of properties is necessary as properties do not increase and decrease in value at the same rate.

Door to door inspections by Certified Assessors and/or Data Collectors from Vanguard or the County Equalization office of all residential and commercial properties will begin in 2023.  There may be some assessors that reach out to individuals earlier to update property record cards/listing sheets.  It would be in the property owners best interest to assist in updating their property record cards otherwise an estimate will be completed that may not contain correct information and will be assessed as such.

The agricultural soils reappraisal should be complete by 2023.  Soils cards will be sent to each taxpayer for review.  If a taxpayer feels there is a discrepancy they may make an appointment with the Equalization Office for review.  Further documentation may be required. 

More information will be shared when available.

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