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Emergency Medical Services in our Community

Pembina County Emergency Medical Services (PC EMS) is made up of over 100 personnel throughout the county who have dedicated themselves to the prehospital care of residents and visitors who become sick or injured. Each year Pembina County EMS responds to approximately 550 to 600 calls for medical assistance.

These people are mostly volunteers and serve as CPR Drivers, Emergency Medical Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians- Basic, and Emergency Medical Technicians –Intermediates and Emergency Medical Technicians – Paramedics. The county also has four full-time paramedics. There are four (4) Ambulance Services and four (4) Quick Response Units: Cavalier Ambulance Service, Crystal Quick Response Unit, Drayton Ambulance Service, Mountain Quick Response Unit, Neche Quick Response Unit, Pembina Ambulance Service, St.Thomas Quick Response Unit and Walhalla Ambulance Service. In addition, the Pembina County HAM radio operators joined the PC EMS team as Emergency Medical Responders providing a vital link of emergency medical support to the rural areas near Backoo, Hamilton and Leroy.

The PC EMS network consists of a Medical Director, the PC EMS Council representatives from each Ambulance Service and Quick Response Unit, Pembina County Memorial Hospital, 911 Director, and a member of the community at large. Coordinating educational courses and training opportunities with the EMS personnel and CPR & First Aid for the general public is the responsibility of the EMS Education Coordinator. In Pembina County we have eleven (11) certified ND EMS Instructors, seventeen (18) American Heart Association (AHA) certified CPR Instructors, and one (3) Emergency Vehicle Operators Course Instructors.

Each year 50 to 60 courses in CPR/AED/First Aid and other EMS related courses certifies nearly 300 people in Pembina County.

CPR & First Aid courses are also taught to employees of businesses, daycare centers, schools, medical facilities and individuals at a reasonable fee through out the county. If you are interested in a CPR and/or First Aid course feel free to call us. Additional training and EMS information can be found on the counties website at:

Each county ambulance service and quick response unit sincerely appreciates and needs the mill levy support from the county residents and carefully uses that funding for equipment replacement, training, etc.

Another important component is the need for qualified volunteers and individuals looking to learn and service their community in EMS. Contact your local ambulance service, quick response unit or the Education Coordinator for more information.

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