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Where should I post my 911 Address?

Updated 11/20/2012

If your house can be seen from the road, you can post your numbers on it using 3 inch letters. Or if your mailbox is right by your driveway, you can post your address on your mailbox on both sides.* If your mailbox is bunched at a different location with other mailboxes, you will have to post your numbers on a sign by your driveway so emergency responders or even delivery trucks can find you by looking for those numbers in addition to putting them on your mailbox. It’s also very helpful if you put your name on your mailbox too. If you don’t receive mail at your house, you can put any kind of a sign up as long as it is obvious that it belongs to your residence. *To find out where to put your mailbox, you must contact the Post Office that would deliver your mail.