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Warning Sirens; What they mean

PC MHMP 5 year Plan (2015 Draft)

Pembina County Multi Hazardous 5 year plan (2015 Draft)

Preparing for Winter Weather

Weather Statistics in Pembina Co

1950 - present

Spring Flood Outlook

The risk for substantial flooding appears low. BUT... there's a lot of winter yet to unfold, and an early thaw is less likely.

Basic Emergency Supply Kit

Family Emergency Plan

Mud on Roadway Policy

Culvert Policy

Sandbag Guide - How to

A sandbag dike must be built properly to prevent or reduce flood damage. This guide will assist you with calculating the quantity of sandbags needed, how to construct a sandbag dike, and who to call for sandbag requests.

Employee Policy Manual

Pembina County Employee Policy Manual; revised April 2016

GIS County Parcel Viewer

GIS Pembina County Data

Detailed list of County GIS data.

February 4th, 2015 Park River Joint Board

Materials regarding the Park RIver Joint board meeting for February 4th.