Workforce & Training

The state of North Dakota offers many tools to help businesses develop their workforce and to assist individuals in connecting with employment opportunities throughout the state.

Workforce 20/20

Workforce 20/20 assists North Dakota employers in training and upgrading workers' skills. This state funded cost sharing training program was designed to fill gaps left by federally funded training programs that generally target long term-unemployed, dislocated workers, and other disadvantaged groups. This funding assistance is available to businesses to offset training costs for current workers and new employees. Expanding businesses or those new to the state are eligible. Other businesses are eligible when they are introducing new industry technologies or introducing new industry production methods.

Train ND  

Train ND expands opportunities for businesses in North Dakota by training employees to achieve more. Whether you’re training IT professionals, managers, welders – or any worker – Train ND can help develop the skills you need. Train ND’s comprehensive, customized adult learning and employee training enables North Dakota businesses to maintain a well-trained workforce to stay viable and competitive.

Operation Intern

Internships provide a valuable way for students to make connections with businesses and identify career options in North Dakota. Governor John Hoeven and the 2007 Legislature recognized the importance of expanding internship and work experience opportunities, thus appropriated $600,000 to the Department of Commerce for the Operation Intern program. By spring of 2009, the program matched 211 students with 83 North Dakota businesses.

Registered Apprenticeship

Registered Apprenticeship is a structured training program, combining paid on-the-job training with related technical instruction in a highly skilled occupation. It is used for both non-union and union career opportunities. Registered Apprenticeship is an important element in skill development. It is a critical postsecondary education and training model for developing 21st century skills. Registered Apprenticeship is built on the concept that you earn while you learn, and you succeed by demonstrating your acquired knowledge and skills, with the outcome being successful skill attainment in that field.

Employer Alerts

Employer Alerts e-blasts notify out-of-state job seekers and ND Ambassadors of new, high-paying positions and businesses for sale in North Dakota. If you have a job you would like listed on the Employer Alerts, please send email to is a free resource for both employers seeking employees and workers seeking employment. Employers can post open positions on this job search website at no charge. Those seeking employment can run various searches to learn more about positions open in North Dakota.

More Information about workforce recruitment and training

Learn more about workforce recruitment and training services available in Pembina County by visiting or contacting Job Service North Dakota in Grafton, ND at 701-352-4450.