Water Resource Board


Randall Emanuelson (Drayton): 1-1-2016 ~ Term Ends 12-31-2018
Chuck Thacker (Neche): 1-1-2018 ~ Term Ends 12-31-2020
Josh Heuchert (Mountain): 1-1-2018 ~ Term Ends 12-31-2020
Jerry Juhl (Drayton): 1-1-2017 ~ Term Ends 12-31-2019
Richard Kendall (Cavalier): 1-1-2016 ~ Term Ends 12-31-2018


Pembina County

Water Resource District

Board of Managers

Will meet most Tuesdays between the hours of 8:30 AM & Noon in the year 2018

Please Call for an appointment by 3:30 pm the day before the meeting.


The Managers of the Pembina County Water Resource District will meet with the Pembina County Commissioners on the 3rd Tuesday of every month. 



308 Court House Dr, #5
Cavalier North Dakota 58220