Pembina County JDA

The Pembina County Job Development Authority offers direct loans to growing businesses in Pembina County that plan to create jobs. The JDA can offer direct loans in the form of gap financing and can also assist with interest buy downs on Bank of North Dakota PACE and Flex PACE loans. In addition, the JDA can provide funding assistance for feasibility studies that could lead to business development in the county. The Pembina County JDA was formed in 1991. The purpose of the organization is to enhance and diversify the county’s economy. For more information about the JDA, please contact rrrc@nd.gov or call 701-352-3550. The JDA application can be downloaded here.  JDA Application

Red River Regional Council

The Red River Regional Council administers three revolving loan funds available to growing businesses that are creating or retaining jobs in Pembina, Walsh, Nelson and Grand Forks counties. These loan funds include the Community Development Loan Fund, Red River Revolving Loan Fund and Progress Fund. These loan funds are gap financing programs, designed to fill the gap when equity and commercial lending are unable to complete the loan package. For more information about these loan funds, please contact rrrc@nd.gov or call 701-352-3550.

Red River Resource Conservation & Development

The mission of the Red River Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) Council is to provide leadership by seeking technical and financial assistance to create new opportunities in agriculture, employment, area conservation and development. The Red River RC&D Council works to promote the preservation and improvement of the quality of life in the Region by implementing action plans for the wise use and orderly improvement and development of resources in the area. The RC&D Council is able to provide grant funding and technical assistance for projects in the Region, including Pembina, Walsh, Nelson and Grand Forks counties. For more information or to apply for RC&D funds and assistance, contact Gwen Sobolik at gwen.sobolik@nd.usda.gov or call 701-352-0127.